Bedford, NH Barn

Bedford, NH Barn
Oil on Panel SOLD

Friday, April 2, 2010

Recent Works...

"Windswept" 8x10 Oil on Canvas
$300 SOLD

"Sunny Path" 8x8 Oil on canvas
$225 SOLD
"Sunlit Porch" 8x8 Oil on Canvas
"Porch series 1" 8x8 Oil on canvas
"June Morning" 8x8 Oil on Canvas


  1. Hi Amy, I tried to find your blog last night and it just wouldn't find you. I got it from your Facebook page. I like the clean look of your blog, I need to simplify mine. I just got an email from someone in Ca. about my last two paintings, how much etc. Whooee
    Love You, Jeanne

  2. Hmm, I'm not sure why you couldn't find me. This has been great! I sold two of my paintings at the studio today and got a commission!! I can hardly believe that this is working for me!!

  3. I love your paintings. God has blessed you with such a great talent that you can share it with others. Awesome work of art! What a great gift!!!


  4. I love "Sunny Path". Your paintings are very beautiful! It's good you got back to painting.